add scores as simply as {\{Lead.Score 1}} + {\{Lead.Score 2}}split multivalued strings with {\{Lead.Products}}.split(";")count and cap registrations with the FBCounter built-in databasechange case with toLowerCase()snapshot form fills as Marketo Custom Objectstransform UTM params into friendly names using a lookup tableanything else JS can do!


Write JavaScript directly in Marketo’s Admin » Webhooks area and call it from a Flow. With millions of snippets online, there’s tons of code to adapt for your needs. Early and experienced devs can use all of JS without leaving Marketo.

We call it JSaaS — JavaScript as a service.


It's way more than just manipulating strings, calculating scores, and juggling dates.

With all editions including Community (free), you can loop back and use the Marketo REST API for extra power*: think reading + writing Custom Objects and Activities. And you can read Design Studio assets, too, using CSVs as centralized lookup tables.


Flowboost was created by Marketo experts: renowned developer and community leader Sanford Whiteman (TEKNKL) and pioneer Edward Unthank (founder of Etumos).

So Marketo compatibility isn't a happy accident — it's purpose-built for the needs of the community and the quirks of the Marketo platform.


FlowBoost was used by our consulting clients way back in 2015 and went public in 2016.

It’s now in use in some of the world's largest companies, as well as 100s of smaller shops. Marketo themselves (now Adobe) has used FlowBoost for internal projects!

* With Standard and Pro, you can fetch and process results from any remote service, not just Marketo.